Get Started

If you have never done Pilates exercises on the Reformer, it is recommended that you attend a 45 minute Orientation Class followed by at least one Private Session prior to joining a group class.

Orientation class price $15.00

Private Session price $60.00

  • Remember to remove your shoes before entering the reformer room. Pilates exercises are done barefoot or in toe socks with grips.
  • If you have any new injuries, please let me know at the beginning of class.
  • Always bring water and stay hydrated.
  • You will feel the most muscle support if wear fitted clothing with spandex if possible. This is the best option to keep you safe while working on the reformer and it will support your body during movement. If you are not used to wearing this type of attire, please give it a try. You will be surprised how good you feel when working out in appropriate clothing. Men, bike shorts or nylon fitness pants work well.
  • OVERCOMING FEAR: This is a big part of doing any new activity in your life. We will always provide slow, detailed instruction when trying something new.

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