Class Descriptions

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Free Orientation & Introduction– This class is offered to all prospective clients. We will practice the basic elements involved in a Reformer Level 1 class. This will include more than 12 moves and all relevant instructions to prepare you for success in a group class setting. If you do not have Pilates experience or need a little extra attention before the Level 1 group class, we will recommended that you take one or two Private classes.

Reformer – Level 1 –– Our Level 1 class is suitable for all individuals and ages. Our goal in this class is to teach you how to locate your “core” and keep your core muscles engaged without putting strain on your lower back or using momentum. Coordination, control, finding your breath, and other key principals that were developed by Joseph Pilates will be taught in each class.


Reformer – Level 2 – The Level 2 reformer class is a faster paced, higher intensity class. Get ready to learn advanced moves and practice with more fluidity. Keep your corset wrapped and your naval-to-spine as we execute through challenging and extremely effective routines. Wrap your thighs, grow tall, and get ready to change your body. When appropriate, I will always provide a level 1 and level 2 variation of the exercise.

Reformer / JUMP – A modernized Pilates work out with balls, rings, and toys and of course – the JUMP BOARD. I have adopted the best techniques from my New York instructors with the intent to mix it up and sculpt your legs & butt. You will sleep like a baby after taking this class. Hello Gluteous Medius.

Reformer / Chair – This class combines the Reformer mixed level techniques with the Pilates Chair. We will start out on the reformer and then move to the chair once we are warmed up. This class will typically end on the reformer with a series of stretching. It is a total body workout!

Introduction to the Exo Chair – This class consists of 15 basic exercises on the Exo Chair. The Exo Chair is the hidden gem in the Pilates studio world. I love it and I know you will too.

Exo Chair with Props – Mixed Level – This class will improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. All level of experience welcome. The props will add an extra element of challenge.


Pilates Classic – Reformer / Chair -Best Practices – This class is based on the traditional Pilates exercises, without music and total focus on flow, form and execution. This is an opportunity to experience traditional Pilates as Joseph Pilates taught to his students.

Reformer / Qi Gong Series – Pronounced (chee gong) –I am combining my experience and love of Eastern wellness and traditional healing techniques with the Pilates Reformer method. We begin with a tactile Shiatsu session to focus on opening the chakras and getting your chi (energy) flowing. The first part of the class (approximately 30 minutes) will be on the reformer and then we will finish the class with various Qi Gong positions (for approximately 30 minutes). This is a great way to end the day.

Reformer / Barrel –This class combines a mixed level reformer work out with the premier barrel, aka – the spine corrector. This is an intense core and back work out on the barrel and of course the stretches are amazing.

Ladder Barrel Infusion –Mixed level reformer exercises combined with an outrageously cool piece of equipment called the ladder barrel. If you have tight legs you will love being in various positions on the ladder barrel, and if you just want to try something different – this class is perfect.

Barre All Levels –Barre classes combine elements of Pilates, yoga, and ballet to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean, toned muscles. You will get the envious dancers body without the injury – no dancing experience necessary! The class is set to music and is upbeat – you will be challenged and exhilarated and have fun!

Barre Intense Mix –A more challenging Barre workout adds a cardio aspect to help you burn more calories while giving you all of the other benefits of a barre class. You will gain strength, sculpt your muscles, and build endurance. This class incorporates more challenging moves to help your muscles work deeper and provide you with fast results! No experience necessary.

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